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Best ShortDoc Maker  & Best Student Film Award Edition 7


Clarisse Girardet, Dirrig Ugo, Roullier Michel, Faudrit Mathis, Delvalet Mathieu






The Best Positive ShortDoc Award Edition 7

Tanvi Samaddar





Les initiatives citoyennes de Bruxelles

15 Minute City Prize Edition 7

Victoria Berni




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 Art of being in a world of not being 

Soheil Soheili


An attempt to capture the equality and often inequality of genders on camera by breathing the same air as a group of young actors who are adapting the famous play “Hamlet” . Could art and theater be a way of escaping from inequality and promoting equality? To be, or not to be, that is the question

 Under the Bridge 

Felipe Moraes

Sao Paulo

Meet an amazing character, Nilson Garrido, teaching boxe and priceless life lessons to homeless and marginal people under a bridge, in Sao Paulo.

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 Bidon Vil 

Nizar Saleh, alumni at "Ecole des Beaux Arts" - Kinshasa


This short film tells the story of an artist designer and performer who transforms plastic waste that pollutes his urban environment into toys for poor children. It stages sets, models and costumes to entertain, raise citizens’ awareness of the recycling culture and provide free access to the arts in the public space. 


 The Planter 

Rafael Machado 

Sao Paulo 

The film shows the journey of Helio da Silva, who planted alone more than 20 thousand trees in the park Tiquatira, East Zone of São Paulo, a very needy place of the city. Although many destroyed the trees in the beginning, Helio insisted, until the authorities began to take care of the park as well.

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 Family Phobia 

 Chun Wang, student at Waseda University


Nowadays, 13.506 million people live in Tokyo, a populous metropolitan area in the world. Every day, 6.388 million of so called “salaryman” are working in this city. 


 Go to School 

Li Yuying, Shanghai Tongji University


In Shanghai, migrant workers children need to provide many certificates to go to school. Countless children because of the lack of certificates, they can't go to school .

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Some ShortDocs Awarded since Edition 1

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