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Votes for Edition 10 are now open


Find out more about the official selection


and choose the best shortdoc from the first nine editions

under the auspices of the
Ancre 1

Take your camera and shoot your reality








Calendar of the Festival
Edition 10 - 2024/2025

Summer 2024

Opening of the votes

The best films from the first nine editions are presented to the public.

People from all over the world can vote for their favourite film in each category (except for the ‘Greater Paris Metropolis Prize’ category, for which only residents of the metropolis concerned may vote).

January 31st 2025

Close of voting

Votes received after this deadline will not be taken into account.

May 2025

Paris Award Ceremony

The awards for the MegaCities-ShortDocs Festival will be delivered at the Paris Award Ceremony on May 2025. Multiple screenings across the world will occur throughout the rest of the year.

May 23rd 2025

Megacities Shortdocs at the Cannes Film Festival

The winners of the "Best ShortDoc" and "Best Student ShortDoc" awards, as well as the winner of the "Greater Paris Metropolis prize", are invited to the Cannes Film Festival. Their films will be screened as part of the 10th Positive Cinema Week.
The "Best ShortDoc" winner is going up the steps.

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